Hilbert Capital is a hedge fund specialized in algorithmic trading of digital assets. We run an actively managed portfolio that operates 24/7/365. Our objective is to generate exceptional returns over the long term by taking advantage of mean-reversion and embracing high levels of volatility.

We believe that blockchain technology, digital assets and decentralization will prove to be severely disruptive to many industries and services and constitute forceful drivers of innovation. We also believe that we are still at the very early, embryonic stage, of this process. The transition will naturally be chaotic, and characterized by high volatility in digital assets, where many of the underlying projects might ultimately fail.

Hilbert Capital extracts value from these markets by means of proprietary algorithmic strategies, founded in empirical evidence and mathematical rigor.



Niclas Sandstrom
CEO & Co-Founder

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics

15 years of Hedge Fund and Investment Banking experience in EM Rates, FX and Credit

Ex Finisterre Capital, Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse First Boston

Senior Quant Analyst and Market Risk Manager

Python Programmer


Magnus Holm
CIO & Co-Founder

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics

Algorithmic Digital Asset Trader

Statistical Models and Sentiment Analysis Expert

Ex Professional Poker Player – Swedish Champion in 2006

Mathematica™ Expert and Programmer


Hans-Peter Bermin
Portfolio Manager

Ph.D. in Math. Finance, Equity Partner

18 years of Investment Banking experience in Rates, FX and Equities

Former head of rates modelling at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley

Active publisher/referee of scientific papers in Mathematical Finance.

C/C++ Programmer


Björn Isberg
Portfolio Manager

Ph.Lic. in Mathematical Finance,
Equity Partner 

Expert in statistical portfolio construction.

Ex portfolio selection advisor to Nobel Foundation and various banks and pension funds in Sweden.

Ex professional poker player.

Two decades as a private investor.

Advisory Board

Frode Foss-Skiftesvik

Equity Partner

Senior Executive and Serial Entrepreneur. 36 year track record of building successful businesses in Banking and Fund Management

Currently director and co-founder of Fitzroy Capital

Finisterre Capital co-founder and former CEO – grew AUM from $70 million to $3 billion when sold stake to Principal Global Investors in 2017

DePfa Inv. Bank co-founder, sold stake in 2002

Even Berntsen

Equity Partner

Senior Portfolio Manager and Head Trader with 28+ years of experience in Financial Markets

Currently Portfolio Manager at Graham Capital Management

Former Head of Global FX and Commodities Trading at JP Morgan

Former Head of Global Fixed Income at State Street

Thierry Pudet

Equity Partner

Senior finance professional with 26 years of experience in Investment Banking and Hedge Funds

Ex Chief Risk Officer at Finisterre Capital, London

Previous roles include risk management, quantitative modelling and trading with firms such as Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Citadel. Ex LTCM, worked alongside Robert Merton and Myron Scholes

Ph.D. in Computer Science



Hilbert Capital offers a range of solutions for obtaining exposure to digital assets in an easy and secure way. We cater to private individuals, family offices and institutions.

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